A Brunch Affair at COMO Cuisine

From: COMO Cuisine

04-Nov to 04-Nov 2017


COMO Cuisine is pleased to present its debut brunch menu.

Featuring a curated selection of healthful cuisine that’s as fresh and flavourful as it is nutritious, wake up your palate with COMO Cuisine’s new brunch menu.

Available on weekends and public holidays from November 4th 2017 from 10am to 5pm, the menu is a collection of signature favourites from COMO hotels across the world. Each dish is carefully prepared and perfectly calibrated with a mix of fresh, seasonal ingredients that serve specific nutritional purposes – from boosting concentration and energy, to balancing blood sugar levels.

To complement the repertoire of signature selections, there’s also a rotation of special dishes – such as the Caviar Doughnut and Lobster Pancake – that offers more indulgence. Coffee aficionados will appreciate the carefully crafted organic brews that boast robust flavours while imparting health benefits.

Click here to view the menu.

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